In search of the Vissarion: the second coming

In Search of the Vissarion
Benjamin Wigley
46 mins (approx)

I am a filmmaker living in Nottingham. Whilst researching on the internet in 2005
I discovered a man who in 1991 had a revelation that he is the son of God named 'the Vissarion'.

He established a community of over 4000 followers called the 'Church of the Last Testament', which is based deep in the Siberian mountain wilderness.

I managed to make contact with two followers who live in Moscow named Tatiana and Bogdan. Over a nine month period I gradually built up a relationship with them via email and telephone and learned that there is an annual festival on August the 18th, that celebrates the awakening of the 'Vissarion'.

In August 2006 I travelled alone (just me, my camera and a rucksack full of batteries) to Siberia to find this mysterious leader, and to find out why so many people are converting to his faith. This is the story of my journey, experiences and the many interesting people I met along the way.

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